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The Final Five

The last five weeks of the show will be themed around issues that have emerged during conversations and actives in the gallery. Each week will culminate with an event of some description during the Saturday afternoon.

The very final week will wrap everything up in a nice tidy box, put a ribbon on it, and bid us bon voyage into the future.

Week 1

November 15-18

Data Detox

Privacy, data security, what is it, should we worry about it? Is it possible to fight against the excesses of surveillance capitalism or is it just as effective to bury one’s head in the sand?

All Week: Crossing over with QTOPIA in the adjoining room, I’ll be showcasing some artistic and creative strategies for obsfucating your personal activity from The Network and trying a few things out on myself.

Saturday: Fiona Cullinan, just back from The Glass Room show in London, will be running a free drop-in Data Detox surgery in the gallery from 1-3pm to answer your questions and point you in the right direction. More details here.

Week 2

November 22-25

Data and Art

How do we make art about data? How can we think of data as an artistic material? Are we talking about the numbers, or what the numbers represent, or what created the numbers? What is data anyway?

All Week: Kruse’s Drawing Apparatuses will be available for you to borrow and carry around the city as they draw a record of your movement. These generated artworks will be displayed in the gallery and posted to you later. More details here.

Saturday: Data Art Day sees me inviting three guests to the gallery to show and talk about their work. At 5pm of the day there’ll be semi-formal gathering with beverages aimed at artists working with, or thinking about working with, data and information.

Week 3

Nov 29 - Dec 2nd

Politics of Data

Kate Crawford’s talk Dark Days: AI and the Rise of Fascism focussed a lot of issues me.

Activists and journalists have highlighted many important issues around data collection and processing.

What is a political strategy for addressing these massive shifts that inform the fabric of society? What can we do on a local level to make a difference?

I’m currently at a loss as to what this looks like. I do not want to do a panel discussion. Other ideas are very welcome.

Week 4

December 6-9

Data Rituals

Tying up my thoughts around cargo cults and bringing in stuff from the Curious Rituals and Networks of New York books, along with a chunk of psychogeography-eque strategies for breaking/creating rules of engaging with the world.

By now we should know what “a Cargo Cult for AI” looks like. I’ll be revisiting the Data Cult performances from November and talking through the ideas that have crystallised through the exhibition.

TBA: Andy Howlett and myself will lead a psychogeographic walk around Birmingham city centre looking at where the internet leaks out into the infrastructure of the city.

Saturday: Local artists Hipkiss & Graney will perform a ritual of some description around the wooden cell tower antenna in the gallery. There may be chanting.

Week 5

December 13-16

The End

We will have spent 14 weeks art-making and discussing. I’ll be exhausted and looking forward to a rest.

But before I go, conclusions must be drawn, plans made and instructions given.

I will have something to say.

You will need to hear it.

Watch this space.