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Data Detox for Humans

A Data Detox Surgery was held as part of the Instructions for Humans exhibition on November 18th with guest Fiona Cullinan offering advice on protecting your online data.

This was informed by her research and time spent with Tactical Tech’s The Glass Room a couple of weeks previously. Materials from The Glass Room were on display as talking points.

We hope, along with the local Open Rights Group, to use the Glass Room resources to bring these issues to a public space in Birmingham, such as a library or shopping centre. If you can help us do this, please get in touch.


Here are the simple resources for taking control of your online privacy that she provided in a handout.

Data Privacy Resources

Me and My Shadow

Take control of your data – lots of easy video explanations, plus recommendations for alternative apps and tools that don’t hoover up your data.

Alternative App Centre

Find alternative tools to secure your browsing, search, email, chats, calls and messaging, and more.

Security in a Box – tools and tactics

Help and advice about cyber security, including password safety, encryption, protection from malware and hackers, and more.

8-Day Data Detox Kit

How to reduce data capture across all the common points of online interaction: Google, social media, smartphones, mobile apps, search and browsing. Also, discover what kind of info is being collected about you and how you might be profiled.

“I’ve got nothing to hide”

Find out more about tracking and digital traces – how much of the data collected about you involves behind-the-scenes metadata that can be more revealing than you think. Also busts other common myths about how people think about data privacy.

Open Rights Group Birmingham

Runs regular events to help protect and promote digital rights.

Privacy International

UK charity researching and raising awareness about surveillance and privacy.

Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)

The leading nonprofit organisation defending civil liberties in the digital world.

Photos from the event

Thanks to all who attended. It was a really useful test-run for taking this to a busier environment in the new year!