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Events for Humans

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Data Cult - An Instructional Event for Humans

Took place on November 6th with artists Emily Warner, Aleks Wojtulewicz and Karen Cameron

Data Detox Surgery

Took place on November 18th with guest Fiona Cullinan offering advice on protecting your online data.

Data and Art

November 22-25

How do we make art about data? How can we think of data as an artistic material? Are we talking about the numbers, or what the numbers represent, or what created the numbers? What is data anyway?

All Week: Kruse’s Drawing Apparatuses were be available for you to borrow and carry around the city to draw a record of your movement. These generated artworks are be displayed in the gallery. More details here.

Saturday: Data Art Day saw me inviting three guests to the gallery to show and talk about their work. At 5pm there was a semi-formal gathering with beverages aimed at artists working with, or thinking about working with, data and information.