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Kruse's Drawing Apparatus Week

November 22nd - 25th is Data and Art week at Instructions for Humans and I’ve asked artist Kruse to bring her Drawing Apparatuses in for people to borrow.

These simple devices consist of a drawing device (pen, chalk etc) and paper. As the device moves, the pen marks the paper and over time creates a visual record of its motion.

The end result can be seen as a visualisation of a journey taken and a record of the manner and style of your movement. It is also very pleasing to look at.

You are invited to borrow a Drawing Apparatus from the BOM gallery during opening hours (Wed-Sat, 12-5). The Apparatus is housed inside a sealed paper carrier.

Take it for a walk/cycle/dance/bus ride around the city. Keep it for a minute an hour, a day, we just ask that you return the carrier unopened to the gallery before Saturday 25th November. Once the show is over we’ll post your drawing to you.

We’ll have a few devices ready to borrow but if you want to reserve one specially (and promise to turn up and take it!) contact me on 07775 690106 or and I’ll put one aside.

Kruse is planning a major project next year exploring this technology so you’ll be helping her with research and development.

This exercise emerged from Kruse taking the “walk in a straight line” instruction card from the gallery and bringing me the pen drawing as evidence of the walk.

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